Roundabout Theatre Company and BROADWAY

October 2015-January 2017

Understudy for Aimee and Brigid Blake (Cassie Beck and Sarah Steele)


Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival - Featured Guest Performance - 2015

"Delivered with haunting sincerity by Blair Baker" - Phindle

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Festival Feature in American Theatre Magazine



Short Film - 2014


Official Selection of the Long Beach Island Film Festival.

Official Selection of Tampa Underground Festival.






Theatre Row

"With strong ensemble work, this is an experience not to be missed." - Broadway World

"The actors embodied the characters so fully, that their performances overshadowed any weaknesses of the production. From the moment the ensemble members stepped on stage, to the last bow, each actor was committed to telling the story of the boys." - The Source

"The ensemble of actors displays charm, humor, and bleakness." - NY Theatre Review

"The cast all succeed wonderfully" - Theatre Scene


Bristol Riverside Theatre

"Blair Baker plays an utterly unlikable and illogical person in this drama about power and revenge, and her performance is, in the end, stunning." - Philadelphia Inquirer

"I cannot express my appreciation of the performances of Blair Baker and David Barlow strongly enough. Baker, who trained at Atlantic Theater Company (founded by Mamet and William H. Macy who portrayed John in the off-Broadway production and a later movie), does an amazing job of transforming Carol from the shy and unsure student to the almost-arrogant accuser. " - Stage Magazine

"Blair Baker and David Barlow ensnare audiences at the Bristol Riverside Theatre within the razor wire of Oleanna" - Bucks County Courier

"Both performers are superb at showing the extremes of these characters—the lofty ideals they claim to uphold and the depths to which they sink." - Talkin' Broadway

"Baker appears to have strolled directly into the theater from the nearest classroom. She is a natural as the manipulative contemporary femme fatale, using her studiousness rather than her attractiveness as her chief weapon of exploitation...As it stands, (Oleanna) is a welcome opportunity to see a pair of brilliant performers at the top of their game." - Mongomery News

Bus Stop

Kansas City Rep

"Elma — played by Blair Baker, who manages innocence without artifice — recites the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet from memory. Baker wins big laughs botching Juliet's lines, but her true achievement is the richness of Elma's feelings: pride at this flatterer's attention, uncertainty at his intentions, shyness about her own." - The Pitch

"Blair Baker is positively luminous in this role" - The Examiner

"Played with wide-eyed, innocent perfection by Blair Baker" - KC Metropolis

"The brilliant cast of Bus Stop made the play seem fresh...the performances were impeccable." -Infozine


The Flea Theater

"A wonderful Blair Baker" - Variety

"Excellent Ensemble" - NY Theatre

"Baker and McPhee spend a wonderful scene together" - thatsoundscool